Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Earthquaker Devices Organizer

Organizer Set for Faux B3
I’ve been rocking out with the Earthquaker Devices Organizer a lot over the last few weeks. And I have to say, I’m kind of in love. To date, I’ve been using a Micro POG and the leslie model on my M9 to do faux Hammond sounds on guitar.

With the Organizer, I can do this with just one pedal. For “faking” a B3, I liked minimizing the “Direct” guitar sound on the Organizer and using only the effected sounds (see image to left). It’s a really fun sound

Where the Organizer really shines is in providing a subtle organ pad under rhythm guitar parts. For this, I adjust the direct level on the Organizer all the way up and pull back on the “Up,” “Down,” and “Choir” levels (see image below). To try it on your own, set the controls like the pedal pictured below.

Now run a nice crunchy tone into the Organizer and through your amp. Hit some power chords. Maybe play Baba O’Riley by the Who or something in that vein? Listen to how the Organizer provides weight and a subtle thickness to your rhythm parts. It’s awesome!

Now switch off of that crunchy sound (maybe add some light compression) and play some arpeggiated stuff (I added a little delay and played some Cure and U2 songs). Listen to how the Organizer sweetens things and adds a subtle pad under your guitar. I’m loving the Organizer for playing rhythm on slower songs live (in a band without keys). It instantly makes things sound fuller and more polished (but by no means muddy or busy).

Organizer Set as Organ Pad

Finally, for those Black Keys fans, you can get close to the main riff from Gold on the Ceiling by running the Organizer into your favorite fuzz (I used the EQD Tone Reaper and my old Sovtek Muff). Set the Organizer with the up at noon, the down around 9 or 10 o'clock, the choir and lag at zero, the tone at 1 o'clock, and the direct at 11 o'clock.

The tracking on the Organizer is near flawless. But like any pitch shift or harmony pedal, it's important that you put a well-tuned guitar into it. If your guitar is out of tune, the Organizer can't help with the octaves.

The only complaint I can make is that there is a slight delay between striking a note and when the processed sound comes out. This isn’t a problem for organ pad sounds or mellow rhythm work. It’s a little tough for fast rhythmically intricate stuff. But it’s really short delay and by no means a deal breaker.

If you've been looking for something to add a new dimension to your guitar sound or need to fill in for an organ player on a song or two, I'd recommend the Earthquaker Devices Organizer. Now, if only they'd make a similar pedal with more of a synth pad sound. I'd pick that one up as well.


  1. Just bought one of these and the slight delay is really offputting! Did you find away around this? Was using it with a loop pedal which with the slight lag (turned right down) is really frustrating.

  2. Can you provide a demo of the Black Keys sound? I'm really, really interested to have an idea before buying one! thanks!