Saturday, December 29, 2012

Interview with Brian Wampler

Interview with Brian Wampler, Wampler Pedals

A few weeks ago I sent some interview questions over to Brian Wampler with the plan that he would answer via e-mail, and I would post to this blog. Brian had the great idea of doing a video interview. So Brian and his colleague, Travis sat down with the video camera and Travis asked Brian my questions.

The interview is embedded below. I don't want to spoil the fun, but I will say that I asked about his general thoughts on pedals and pedal making, what got him into it, his favorite classic (or contemporary) circuits, designs he's most proud of, and what's on the horizon. And for those of us awaiting the return of the Cranked AC, be sure to tune into the full video.


  1. Great interview. I've follow brian from pretty much the start (well over a decade now!). Its great to see the journey and the great products

  2. A Wah !!!!! He said a Wah !!!
    I have the euphoria and ego , tremendous pedals

  3. Nice. I recently got a Triple Wreck and I love it. I'd like to try the Ego Compressor next....