Friday, June 22, 2012

Recording our First Album

The Band is going to Invisible Sound Studios in Baltimore tomorrow. We’ll be spending Saturday and Sunday recording the basic tracks for our “debut album.” It’s not too late to join our Kickstarter campaign. Just last night we received our first $100 backer. I can’t wait to find out what song they want us to learn and play at the album release party. Anything goes. I secretly hope they chose Oops, I Did It Again – I think we can do a unique take on it.

Back to recording. Invisible Sound calls themselves the North American Guitar Amplifier Museum (because they have over 150 vintage and boutique amps). I intend to use over $10,000 worth of amps over the weekend. My short list is: 65 Amps London, Vox 50th Anniversary AC15, and a vintage Fender Tweed Deluxe. I’m especially excited to attack these amps with my new secret weapon – the Homebrew Electronics Germania Treble Booster.

We’ve been practicing like crazy and we plan to do the basic tracks “live.” Meaning we all record at once in one big room. We’ve budgeted an hour per song for basic tracks. I’m cautiously optimistic that we can hit that goal. Theoretically, we should be able to record five minutes worth of music in one hour. But to do this, it means we each have to get through the song (together) with no mistakes. Or at least no mistakes that are picked up by other mics around the room.

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