Friday, June 1, 2012

In the Aeroplane over the Sea

Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over the Sea

If you don't already own this album, chances are you will hate it! Seriously, you can't handle this album. You'll think the singing is off key, you'll say the sound quality is horrible, you won't know what the F to think about a "Two Headed Boy all floating in glass," and then finally, your mind will be blown when you find out that the whole thing is about Anne Frank.

But I think it's one of the most important albums of the 1990's and in the Top 10 of best indie rock albums of all time. And it's available from amazon for only $2.99 right now for the entire album.

So BUY IT! Listen to it three or four times, and then either thank me, or tell me I have the worst taste in music ever.


  1. Purchased. It better be good. I hold you personally responsible.

  2. You can listen to MJK, so I don't think the voice (or voices in general) should be a turn off for you.