Monday, May 14, 2012

Wegmans Liquor Part III - Overheard

I made the horrible decision to go to Trader Joe's at 5:00 o'clock on Saturday. Seriously, I should be punched in the head for that bright idea. The parking lot was a war zone, the inside of the store looked like a Soviet bread line, and my three year-old had an EPIC meltdown re: being forced to ride in the cart. As if there was some other option while shopping in what felt like a mosh pit at a Fugazi show circa 1993.

But aside from the sheer hell of it all, I overheard no less than three groups of people talking with excitement about the proposed liquor store slated to open in Wegmans and the hopes that it would move Maryland toward more sensible alcohol laws. I'd be a happy boy buying wine at my local Trader Joe's rather than stocking up when I visit friends in VA. One can dream... hocofood@@@

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  1. That parking lot has the most poorly planned traffic routes that I've ever seen. I went to Lowes the other day and noticed a huge line, extending almost all the way to Lowes, probably 35 cars long (no exaggeration), waiting to get through that 3-way stop where Marie Curie and Gateway Overlook meet. This was at like 11am on a Saturday. Nuts!

    Who's bright idea was it to put a 3-way stop there anyways? Things were just fine before that 3-way stop was there. I guess it was the person who wanted to make a left off Marie Curie onto Gateway and wasn't smart enough to just cruise around in front of the Costco or do as I do and drive behind the Costco and Best Buy to get to Lowes. Couple that with the hoards of ding dongs trying to save a whopping 3 cents on gas while waiting for 15-minutes to get gas at Costco and I try to avoid that shopping plaza at all costs.

    Regarding the Trader Joes, I haven't been there much lately because they seem to be very understocked. On multiple visits lately, I have gone there looking for routine items only to find out they are out of stock.

    I guess the only great thing about that plaza is the Fatburger. Yum!