Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mojo Hand Tour Box II Review

Thanks to the fine folks at Mojo Hand FX and a fellow member of The Gear Page, the three pedals pictured to the right showed up on my door step a few days ago. I've been putting them through their paces and I will be posting reviews of each of them. In the meantime, here's what Mojo Hand has to say about them.

The Rook: Thanks to its Baxandall Tone Stack, The Rook can be as bright or dark as you like. It's Gain and Level knobs are your helping hands in navigating through the countless shades of drive offered by it's 3 way toggle. Toggle UP for Classic Overdrive tones filled with rich "harmonicy" goodness, and even with the Gain dimed, The Rook maintains astonishing note articulation and chord clarity (think a highly tweakable Tube Scre@mer). Toggle DOWN to add extra gain stages for a raw and edgy, almost distortion type drive. And last but not least, the MIDDLE position removes diods for a louder and cleaner sound. This position also causes the EQ controls to be more pronounced, and excels as a boost. It's best to start with the gain down to get a feel for this position. Or feel free to crank it up for amp melt-down.

Nebula IV: The Nebula IV Analog Phaser is 4 stages of swirly, analog goodness that will instantly transport you back to 1974! In addition to the standard "Rate" control of classic 4 stage phasers we've incorporated a "Depth" control and a "Level" knob. No need to worry about a volume drop or boost. The Nebula IV can be adjusted to taste. Like all Mojo Hand Fx the Nebula IV has true-bypass switching, a die-cast enclosure, professionally powder-coated finish and the finest components available.

Recoil: Featuring 550ms of sweet analog voiced digital delay.  Along with traditional controls for Mix, Repeat, and Delay Time, the Recoil also features a full range tone knob that ranges from clean and clear to warm and dark. Like all Mojo Hand FX the Recoil has hard wired true bypass switching, a die-cast enclosure and a professionally powder coated finish and nothing but the finest components and build techniques available.

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