Monday, April 2, 2012

The Edible Lawn

It's no secret - I don't have the prettiest lawn on the block. I refuse to use herbicides or pesticides, and the only fertilizer I have used is "bay safe." So it was no surprise a few weekends ago when Mrs. P90 mentioned that one of the neighbors hinted (not so subtlety) that we should hire a lawn service or at least deal with our weeds.

But oddly enough, it was on that same day that we noticed the first few morel mushrooms popping up in the front yard. We first saw morels in the yard last year. There were only four or five and they were past their prime before we realized what they were.

So last Monday, I picked one of the morels and brought it to a colleague. She confirmed it was a morel and cooked it up that night. Today, that same colleague headed over to my yard at lunch and picked 84 morels! I kept about ten of them because I'm not a huge mushroom fan. I'm seriously allergic to portobellas, and can take or leave many others.But some people are crazy for morels and many folks spend their spring weekends hunting for them in the woods.

Either way, I'll take this as a sign that my lawn care regime (or lack there of) is just about perfect. As if not wanting the kids and dog to be playing in a lawn full of chemicals wasn't reason enough, I'm creating a delicious and nutritious mycological wonderland. Bon appetit. Don't mind the weeds and moss. hocofood@@@

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