Sunday, March 18, 2012

V is for Version II - Reverend Ron Asheton

I have a major confession. I’ve spent the last year without a guitar equipped with P90s (the pickup for which this blog partially gets it’s name). I’ve been way too embarrassed to come clean on this, but I can say it now because yesterday I remedied the situation. I just happened to stumble across a Reverend Ron Asheton for a really good price. So now, not am I only back in the world of P90s, but it’s via an ORANGE Flying V made from Korina (the wood from which the original Gibson Vs and Explorers were made).

So how does it sound? It sounds amazing! The 90s growl just like good 90s should. But thanks to the Bass Contour Control (BCC) you can roll off some of the lows and make them a little more Fenderish. And of course, with three pickups you can emulate the in-between sounds of a Strat. That’s not to say this guitar sounds like a Fender. With a 24 ¾ scale length it’s still firmly in the camp of what you would expect from the once-great Gibson family of guitars. It does things that neither a Gibson or a Fender can do but can do good approximations of both. In short, it’s the most versatile guitar I own. And believe it or not, really comfortable to play. And thanks to the body shape, it’s extremely light at just under seven pounds.

I think this guitar will be with me for the long haul. But only time will tell. I’m not really known for monogamy when it comes to guitars. I follow the mantra of “Love One Women. Love Many Guitars!”

And speaking of that “one woman,” since Mrs. P90 and I agreed to a “one in - one out” policy with my little guitar addiction, my other Reverend Volcano had to find a new home.

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