Thursday, March 29, 2012

Skate or Die

This arrived at my house today. I bought it because I recently discovered that vintage (yes, things from the 80's are now vintage) skateboards are selling for ridiculous amounts of money and I turned a not so small profit on an old skateboard.

A few weeks ago, Mrs. P90 and the girls went to a birthday party at the North Laurel Community Center and saw a bunch of dudes my age at the Skatepark. The girls want me to skate there. So I'm putting together a new skateboard and planning to visit the Retirement Home. The Retirement Home is apparently what "the kids" call the North Laurel Skate Park since it is populated by many 30+ year-old skaters.

I was planning to do a full-on 80's re-issue deck, but people I spoke with convinced me that new school decks with kick noses are the way to go. I figured this deck was a good compromise between old school style and new school functionality. I'm using old trucks and wheels to begin with, but if I actually start skating more than once a month I'll upgrade to new gear.

I'm hoping to visit the park this weekend. And I'm hoping my next stop isn't the emergency room. At 36, "Skate or Die" is much more likely to be "Skate and Die."


  1. I remember those days, Im a 30+ years old skater

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