Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Bitter Truth about Blue Moon and Shock Top

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you should have found out by now anyway. Blue Moon and Shock Top are NOT micro brews, or craft brews, or whatever fancy name we are using to distinguish “real” beer from “corporate” beer.

If you like them, that’s great. But don’t think for a second you are drinking beer made by a small group of artisans. Blue Moon is made by Coors and Shock Top is AB-InBev .

And they weren’t created to appeal to your great taste in beer. They were created because the big boys noticed that Sam Adams (that’s a story for a different day), Sierra Nevada, and other “good” beers were starting to take over more shelf space. And god forbid consumers have access to more than just yellow fizzy junk in blue, red, or yellow labels.

Disclaimer: The author has been known to drink Miller Lite on more than one occasion. Especially when it’s hot outside.


  1. Blue Moon was created by a chemist/home-brewer in the sandlot brewery in colorado. It may be owned by Miller/Coors now but was originally only available at the sandlot, as are many of their other brews today. If you ever have the chance I highly recommend making a beer pilgrimage to the sandlot, oh and they also play baseball there as well, but to me it's not the main attraction...


  2. Thanks. I am familiar with the history of Blue Moon as well as most of the Tenth and Blake portfolio. Some of these beers are really good beers. But they are not craft beers. Then again, as Sam Adams continues to grow and Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, and Lagunitas add second locations, we might need some new terms and new definitions.