Thursday, September 8, 2011

Concert Etiquette

What has two arms, a camera, and no manners? This jack ass! A few weeks ago, this idiot spent the majority of the My Morning Jacket show at Merriweather moving from row to row and holding his *&$%ing camera in the air taking pictures and videos of the show (and generally annoying and blocking the view of those around him).

1. We had good seats, but there is no way he was getting decent shots from that distance, in that lighting, with that camera.

2. Dude – there’s a concert going on. You might be better served watching it in real life rather than through your 2” LCD screen. WTF?

So I guess this is where we have landed as a society? We’re all “documentarians” trying to boost the number of views we rack up on YouTube. It was bad enough when people came to concerts and talked through the whole thing. But this is just stupid.

I did learn one good thing though. Twitter is a great tool for alerting Merriweather security of obnoxious people. It certainly helped to clear out all of the people from the back rows crowding the aisles up front.



  1. I never go to shows anymore because I cannot stand the current behavior of youths. The last show I went to was with my wife and sis-in-law, taking the latter to see Mirah at the Black Cat several years ago. The whole place was filled with scenesters talking so loudly that the artists had to continually ask for them to quiet down. Are you effing kidding me??? Everyone was there to socialize and get "scene points" rather than to enjoy the performances. I get reports of this still happening at DC and B-more clubs from my friends that still go. Lame.

  2. I'm with you, but it's more than just the kids. The biggest offenders at the MMJ show were mid-30s to mid-50s men who couldn't handle their booze and/or pot. Here's a thought, if you can't stand up, it's probably time to lay off the joint...

    We're going to see Dawes and Blitzen Trapper at the Black Cat in a few weeks. I have low expectations, although in general, the Black Cat crowd seems to be less chatty than the 9:30 crowd.

    My worst experience ever at 9:30 was a group of people talking while Calexico and Iron & Wine covered Wild Horses. Seriously. When are you ever going to have another chance to hear that? Why did you come?