Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swampocalypse Now

Swampocalypse Now! Is there any turn of phrase to better describe the feeling that smacked you in the face as you walked out of your door this morning? And I can’t imagine what it will feel like this afternoon.

At 7:30 AM as I tried to coax the dog out of the door, she just turned to me as to say “are f***ing kiddig me? The air out there feels like a hot tub and you expert furry me to go out there. Whatever dude, I’ll learn to use the potty seat!”

No, Daisy (the dog) didn’t really say this, but her body language did. As did mine as I soaked through my shirt just trying to drop the girls off at pre-school.

Thank god we’re going to the beach this weekend. I think I’ll bring a mask and snorkel and try to remain submerged until the temperature and dew point drop!

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