Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day of Alonement

Today, Mrs. P90 and the girls took a day trip the beach with my father-in-law. I’ve already blown through a large chunk of my annual leave, so I chose to stay home. Assuming the girls don’t make it home until 9:00ish, I will have just over three hours of “me” time.

So what do? Crank the amplifier to eleven and rock out and work on some new songs? Brew or bottle beer? Go for a run free from pushing the suburban bourgeois rickshaw? Kick back in the hammock, enjoy a cold beer, and finish reading Player One by Douglas Coupland?

Often times, when faced with a glut of something that was once scare (“me” time in this case), I tend to squander. So, how to make sure I take advantage of this precious commodity?

Well, the skies seem to be conspiring to keep me from running. And let’s be honest, I might as well wait until the humidity breaks and push the extra weight to get a better work out. And the bottling or brewing is a one-to-two hour job at best, and can be done any evening after the girls go to bed.

Hammock time – that’s a serious luxury. Although, rocking out through an amp on the edge of explosion isn’t too bad either (and certainly can’t be done with the family at home). I’m thinking I’ll do a little hammock and a little rock. Seems wrong not to.

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