Saturday, July 9, 2011

Awesome Album Alert – Dawes

The new Dawes album, Nothing is Wrong, is simply amazing. Buy it now. The Head and the Heart finally have a contender to battle for the top spot in my Best of 2011 (obviously the first thing on the minds of any band).

A few months ago, Dawes was “the band of the third dude in Middle Brother.” After enjoying all of the songs on the Middle Brother album, I bought the first Dawes album. It’s a good album, but it didn’t blow me away.

Early this week, Mrs. P90 and I caught Dawes on Letterman. No, we don’t stay up and watch Letterman, but I do Tivo it, Conan, and Fallon nightly in order to catch the musical guests. Back to my point – we watched Dawes and were blown away not only by how good they were playing (many bands seem to collapse under the pressure and short sound check associated with playing on live tv) but by how great the song was. Together, we said “this sounds like Jackson Browne!”

The song in question was “Time Spent in Los Angeles,” and it does sound like a great Jackson Browne song. In fact the whole album does, but not in a derivative way. It’s just that the songs are drenched in that combination of melancholy and joy that the best Jackson Browne songs drip with. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see “The Pretender,” “Fountain of Sorrow,” “Late for the Sky,” and “Ready or Not.” And if you didn’t have Jackson Browne to soundtrack the ups and downs of your late-20’s and early 30’s, I’m sorry. But it's not too late. Get some now! I'd suggest buying each album up through The Pretender, but feel free to start with the greatest hits. And the library has most of the albums...

But back to my point, you should immediately buy/download the Dawes album. Be warned though, there is a special itunes version with two extra tracks and they are equally great.

And if you want four stand-out tracks, I recommend:
  • Time Spent in Los Angeles;
  • Coming Back to a Man;
  • How Far We've Come; and
  • A Little Bit of Everything

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