Sunday, June 5, 2011

When is Princess Leia Going to Sing Her Song?

I showed the girls an abbreviated version of Empire Strikes Back last weekend. They liked it. As I’ve said, before, I’m thrilled to have two girls and no boys. The only thing I lament is the lack of boys toys (Star Wars, Transformers, etc.).

A few weeks ago, we visited my mom in KY. Aside from the distillery tours, the highlight of the trip was sharing my old toys with my daughters. My four year-old asked me why I didn’t have any princess toys. I responded by pulling out the Star Wars toys and introducing her to Princess Leia. My two year-old was enamored with R2D2 and the taun-taun. They only wanted to bring those three home.

What, no love for Darth Vader, Boba Fet, or Luke? Sadly, Chewbacca was lost years ago. I can only assume that my sister hid him from me or one of my brother’s dip$hit friends launched him into orbit via a bottle rocket. And yes, seeing as it was Kentucky in the early 80’s, parents let their kids play with bottle rockets. Not my parents. My parents were smart enough to move us to Maryland. Though sadly, still dumb enough to subject us to Catholic schools prior to our move…

But back to my point, we were watching Empire and my four year-old says “But daddy, when is Princess Leia going to sing her song?” After laughing for roughly ten minutes, I explained that there are no songs in Star Wars (aside from Bill Murray as a lounge singer, doing “star wars, if they could bar wars, please let these star wars stay).” I can understand why she would expect a song though. Princesses always sing a song. 

Next up – Return of the Jedi. I figure they will love the Ewoks.

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