Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Strawberry Ice Cream Forever

The P90s spent the Memorial Day weekend near Fenwick Island, DE. One afternoon, we happened upon a “pick your own” strawberry farm and thought the girls would love it. They did! The farmer was very friendly and encouraged the girls to “eat as many as they like while they picked.”

1. I’m not sure he realized just how much our two year-old likes strawberries or how many strawberries a 28 lb. girl can put away in 20-30 minutes. Hopefully she didn’t put him out of business.

2. He doesn’t use pesticides or fertilizers, so I begrudgingly let the girls eat while they picked. Here’s hoping no animals “took care of business” on the strawberries…
    So, even though our two year-old ate about four strawberries for every one she put in the basket, we ended up with a ridiculous amount of strawberries. We ate them fresh, we dipped them in chocolate (after the girls went to bed), and we still had leftovers.

    The remaining berries were going downhill fast, so we decided to make something to preserve them. When in Fenwick/Bayside, we frequent an ice cream shop called the Blue Scoop. It’s amazing. Check it out! Our four-year old says that when she owns an ice cream shop, it will be called the Pink Scoop.

    So yesterday, we made the first official batch of Pink Scoop ice cream – fresh strawberry ice cream. It was delicious. We took it to a cook out and had it with pound cake and more fresh strawberries. It tasted like summer. Here’s the recipe.

    Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe
    • Rinse and trim 1 pint of strawberries and then crush by hand
    • Combine 2 cups light cream, one can of sweetened condensed milk, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
    • Combine the above and place in an ice cream maker.*
    • Eat!
    *Having been married in 2001, the P90s have the little Cuisinart ice cream maker that was de rigueur for bridal registries at that time. We use it twice a year at best… That’s better than the fondue set! What’s that thing about hindsight?

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