Monday, May 16, 2011

Wine in the Woods/Beer in the Bushes?

This morning on my drive into the office I noticed the tents prepping for Wine in the Woods. Then I remembered the last time I was there and that none of the wine was very good. Granted that was probably seven or eight years ago and MD wine has come a long way since then. See Black Ankle Vineyards.

And while I love the idea that MD is starting to develop some decent wine, the bang for buck is still a pretty poor ratio. Given my wine budget (and the average P90 family wine purchase is in the $8-12 bottle range) I’m sticking with California, Chile, Spain, and Argentina. And when I do have $25-30 to spend, I’m probably going with a crazy good zin out of Ridge Vineyards.

So this got me thinking… While MD is trying to make good wines, we’re doing pretty great with beer! Flying Dog, ClipperCity/Loose Cannon, and Stillwater Artisinal (to name just three) are all making world class beers.

I realize beer has an image that is far more proletarian, but we’re talking craft beers here, not Beast. Maybe it’s time to add some Beer in the Bushes to Wine in the Woods? hocofood@@@


  1. Haha I love the idea of Beer in the Bushes! Though I'm not sure the good people of Columbia are ready for the motley crew that comes along with beerfest events. Although they did just allow M3 Festival hair metal folks in town for the weekend and that seemed to turn out okay, so anything is possible.

    BTW...don't forget to add Brewer's Art to the list of brewing elite here in MD. :)

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I tend to forget that Brewer's Art bottles and cans these days. The basement bar was long my favorite place. Great beer and usually great music.

  3. Oh yeah, the M3 festival crowd had some interesting folks. Kind of the antithesis of when the Dead used to play Merriweather (before they were banned).