Friday, May 6, 2011

Tooth Lotion

My two year-old (technically she's 2.5) is a stereotype. Tonight, she repeatedly slipped carrots to the dog (waiting ever so patiently under the table). When we told her to stop, she chewed them up and spit them back out on her plate. After that she was sent to time out. Her response - "I'm bad. I'm goin' to time out."

Later, she and my wife were upstairs. My wife noticed that she had been quiet for about two minutes and went to see what kind of trouble she was getting into. Turns out she had gotten down the tooth paste and rubbed it over her arms, legs, and face. Her response "It's my lotion. It's toothpaste lotion."

As we put her in the tub and explained that tooth paste is indeed not lotion she simply said - "Don't put it on my body? Just my mouth?"

Yes, apparently we need to remind kids that tooth paste is not lotion. I'm thankful we don't have a VCR - I'm sure she would be using it as a toaster...

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