Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Beers at Frisco

Tonight, Frisco Tap House in Columbia is doing a Sierra Nevada pint night. Along with many of the Sierra favorites, they will have the beer camp beers (coming soon to a mixed 12-pack and sure to be as hard to find as Hoptinum) on tap.

I’ll be there – I can’t wait to try Sierra’s take on California Common (aka steam beer, a term owned by Anchor). California Common beers are brewed with a lager yeast but fermented at room temp rather. I’m also looking forward to trying the Juniper Black Ale and the Double IPA.



  1. Sounds awesome. Too bad I already have plans. Otherwise I'd be right there with you.

  2. Well Brent, maybe we can convince Sierra to do beer camp at the new East Coast location when they build it...? I'll report back on the beers tomorrow or Friday.

  3. An East Coast Beer Camp might be possible in a few years. Sierra Nevada is floating around the idea of opening up an East Coast shop.

    If not, I'll host one for you and your blog followers in my backyard with my 15 gallon system! :)

  4. 15 gallons, eh? All grain? I used to do a lot of home brew but have not done it in close to 10 years.

    I blogged about East Coast Sierra last week.