Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sears Auto is Dead to Me

I’ve been meaning to write a few posts on area businesses that I love. Looks like I’m starting out by writing about one that I don’t.

I work near the mall. When I need an oil change or a tire rotation, it’s super easy to drop the car off at Sears and walk back to the office. Last week, I took one of our cars in for an oil change and rotation. The guy told me that the tread on the rear tires were too low to rotate to the front.

Today, I took the car to Costco (better prices) to get the new tires. The guy at Costco was checking the tires and noted that the rear still have 70% tread life left and the front still have 80%! Glad I sought a second opinion. Thanks Costco – you rock! Four tires for the car in question is about $900 – that’s a lot whole lot of Hellhound on my Ale or at least one kick-ass guitar.

As for Sears, I’ll stop short of saying fraud. The words “dirt bags,” “cheats,” and “liars” come to mind though. Whatever Sears – you are officially dead to me.

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