Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Belgium Beer at Victoria Next Week!

Now that I have your attention…

When I was at Victoria for dinner on Monday, I noticed their flyer for Craft Beer Week. Like last year, they have some really exciting theme nights planned.

On Wednesday, they are doing “Lock, Stock and a Ton of Barrels” – focusing on barrel-aged beers. They mention Evo on the flyer, so I’m guessing they will likely have the latest Evo Menagerie. Of which Evo coyly stated “Brewery only except a few choice kegs that made it around the mid-atlantic…” Sadly, I have plans for Wednesday night. I love me some barrel-aged beers.

But more importantly, they mention that on Thursday, “Brewed to be Wild” night, that they will feature New Belgium Brewing (NBB). I figured New Belgium would be doing a lot of things to build word of mouth in advance of their September intro into DC/MD/VA. But this seems really early for that. I e-mailed with the folks at Victoria and they confirmed that they will indeed have a beer from New Belgium on hand. For all of you kids dying to get your hands on some Fat Tire, this is not your chance.

You say: “What? No Fat Tire? But you said they would have a beer from New Belgium?”
I say: Better. They will have the New Belgium/Allagash Lips of Faith collaboration beer, which will be long sold out by the time NBB enters our market in September. And for the record, Fat Tire is the least of the NBB beers. The seasonals (and Ranger) are where they really shine. Good thing I stocked up on Ranger and Mighty Arrow on a recent trip to NBB territory… hocofood@@@

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  1. This is awesome! Last year I drove back from Arizona and brought a bunch of the Transatlantic Kriek and La Folie bombers back with me. I think I only have 1 bottle of each left. So I am eagerly awaiting their Fall arrival.

    As for great New Belgium beers, you forgot to mention their black ale, 1554. That thing is solid!

    Now if we could only get Russian River, Lost Abbey, and Elysian Brewing out here, I'd be a real happy (but poor) man. Maybe someday soon.