Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome Band Alert - The Head and the Heart

Ok, so sometimes I get a little evangelical. About music. I've been all over the Facebooks ramming my new favorite band (The Head and the Heart) down my friends' throats (ears?). But I can't help it. Every now and again, a band comes out of nowhere and blows your mind with their debut album. The Head and the Heart are one of those bands. The songs on this album are amazing. If Wilco, Iron & Wine, or Ryan Adams etc, put out an album this strong, I'd be really impressed. But these kids are in their early 20's and have only been together for a year. Every song on this album is great, but the stand-outs for me are Lost in My Mind, Rivers and Roads, and Down in the Valley. Click here for a free download of two of their songs.

And while comparisons among bands are unfair at best, the Head and the Heart is everything I wanted Mumford & Sons to be. I've gone on record as quickly losing interest in Mumford and Sons. I feel the album has three or four solid songs, but the rest isn't compelling. And the fact that Mumford SOLD OUT Merriweather BLOWS MY MIND. Not just the pavillion, they sold out the whole stinking place! On one album!

How's that for losing focus?

Back to Head and the Heart. Go buy the album now. It's that good.

Ten years ago, I was just getting into Iron & Wine. They quickly became one of my favorite bands. And the new Iron & Wine was my most anticipated release of 2011. I really hope that the Head and the Heart stick it out and that there 4th or 5th album is my most anticipated release of 2021.


  1. You have made another convert, sir. I shall go forth and spread the good word.

  2. How many people should be allowed to the Mumford and Sons concert?