Friday, April 15, 2011

Ten Songs for a Sunroof Day

It’s nice out. And while risking life (well sneezing and itchy eyes) I drove to work with the sunroof open. And while my commute is generally only three songs long, here are ten songs that are great for a sunroof day. What are you listening to as you drive around with the windows down?
  1. Here Comes the Sun Again – M. Ward
  2. Asleep on a Sunbeam – Belle and Sebastian
  3. He’s Gone – the Grateful Dead
  4. Walcott – Vampire Weekend
  5. Don’t Look Back – She & Him
  6. Take it Easy – Jackson Browne (far superior to the Eagles version, but the P90 family has a pretty low threshold for Don Henley tolerance)
  7. Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues – Eels (just ignore the irony in the song)
  8. Sausalito – Conor Oberst
  9. Blue Sky – The Allman Brothers
  10. Texarkana – REM
What do you like to listen on a day like today? 

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