Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stink Bugs Pt 2

Give me a W! Give me a T! Give me an F! What do you get? Stink Bugs!
That’s right kids, we hit 80 degrees today, so along with creating a hankering for a Fever Tree gin & tonic, I’ve also seen the return of the stink bugs.

In the fall, I regaled you with stories of my great stink bug battles. So far, we only have a few of them on the screened-in deck. I’m sure they will be having a massive party pretty soon. Now to figure out if these guys over-wintered on the deck or if they are still finding a way in. Looks like I will be spending next weekend doing further foam and caulk sealing of the deck. Good times.

Oh about that Fever Tree G&T

Oh, and here is an article from the Post about building DIY stink bug traps.

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  1. in our house also, stink bugs flew in our lamps and leaving nasty scent.