Friday, April 22, 2011

Mario Batali Veal Ravioli

Thursday. I want a decent meal, but the girls are restless and we’re running late as is. Luckily, Mrs. P90 picked up a package of Mario Batali veal ravioli and Cherry Tomato Marinara at BJ’s. We boiled some water, toasted some bread, and opened a bottle of wine. Voila – decent dinner in 20 minutes!

So, about the raviolis. They’re great. The pasta is firm. The filling is rich and delicate at the same time. And we only had one of those ravioli sacrifices (that is all too prevalent with home-cooked ravioli) where the pasta rips and water manages to break in and remove all of the filling. The ingredient list is refreshing as well - a blend of braised veal, fresh celery, onion, carrot, garlic, olive oil and red wine.

Given Mario’s stance on factory farming and his recent blog post for the Nature Conservancy, I was a little shocked to see that the veal in the ingredient listing doesn’t mention anything about being organic, free-range, grass-fed, etc. But baby steps (get it, veal, baby cow).

The P90 family is doing our best to get locally-produced and humanely/environmentally-raised food stuffs. I’m guessing these don’t fit that bill as well as we would like. But they are good. And they certainly work on a rushed weeknight.

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  1. I too have fallen in love w/the veal ravioli by Mario Batali, however my local B.J's has stopped selling it. I've tried several times pleading my case via email to the company expressing how great the ravioli is and that it would be a tragedy to not bring it back. Well, to no avail. I've lost the fight. And now need to find this ravioli so I can satisfy my hunkering for this delectable item.