Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Legen(waitforit)Dairy! Pt. 1

The weather is warm. It's staying light later at night. It's time for ice cream! Or more accurately, soft serve or frozen custard. Of all the HoCo soft serve options, I prefer Soft Stuff in Ellicott City. It might be that I've been going there since I was in high school. Maybe it's the anticipation that builds as you stand in the long line on their deck on a hot and humid Maryland summer night. I can't answer this. I can say that I LOVE a regular sized swirl cone with sprinkles! And for some odd reason, I only get sprinkles at Soft Stuff.

These days, we make it to Soft Stuff maybe 2-3 times per summer. The Rita's at the KC Village Center is (for better or for worse) our go to soft serve place. The ice cream is my least favorite, but they are walking distance from my house so I at least burn a few of the extra calories getting to and from... And the girls love Rita's. And the kiddie serving is big enough that we can get an spare cup and they can split it.

And last year, Meadows came onto the scene at the Hickory Ridge Village Center. We didn't make it there often, but the few times I was there, I loved it. 1. They frequently had coconut custard (I'm crazy for anything coconut). 2. They have an espresso machine - custard afogato - yum!

I certainly prefer Meadows to Rita's. But I'm glad it's not in my neighborhood. If so, I'd be pretty fat(ter). It would be like if In-N-Out Burger came to the East Coast. Things would get ugly quick.

And that's my 1-2-3 of HoCo soft serve. hocofood@@@

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