Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fare (not so well) Michael's Pub Pt. II

A few weeks ago, I discussed why I will not miss Michael's Pub. I also covered what I'm looking for in a new tenant/s.

Now I'm getting more specific. There seems to be some speculation that Kimco already has another tenant lined up and that's why they were unwilling to let Michael's downsize. Time will tell. If that's not the case, it seems like they will need to sub-divide the space.

I also read earlier this week that Mother's is looking for a HoCo location. I'd be ok with that.

Other "dream restaurants" include:
  1. Lebanese Taverna
  2. Dogfish Ale House
  3. An actual brew pub
  4. A sushi place
What would you like to see in the space once occupied by Michael's?



  1. I'd vote for the Dogfish Ale House. It would be awesome to have one in town.

  2. Is there enough business to support another upscale vegetarian place in the hoco?

  3. +1 Dogfish, but I highly doubt it'd happen.

    Really, I'd like to see anything of decent quality move in there, regardless of what it was. Something open later would probably round out the rest of the places there the best, but Michael's was truly a dump, so I hesitate to look for a bar that soon after.

  4. Although I prefer to see unique/individual restaurants, I think it would need to be a name - so a chain, like Dogfish Head, etc - that would bring in a reliable customer base. I guess Mother's would do that too, although KC seems a little quiet for that.

  5. Ok, so we all agree that Dogfish would rock. Now if only it were that easy.

    @Mo - I agree, non-chain would be nice. I'd settle for a place half as good as Victoria. Just give me a decent menu and a few good beers.

    @Eddie - I'd prefer to see a place that is a restaurant first and bar second. Not a bar where food is an afterthought (Michael's).

  6. Since dogfish is usually more of a "destination" restaurant, I wonder if they'd even consider a location tucked away in a neighborhood village center. Anything with a decent beer selection will be much appreciated in my book though, so that we can have a walkable pub in the neighborhood!