Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome Back Victoria

I just saw that Victoria Gastro Pub won "Best Bar Food" in Baltimore Magazine's Best Restaurants 2011 Readers' Poll. They certainly rank as my favorite bar food. Now if only started playing better music...

It looks like they are also started offering growlers of beer to go this week. I was very excited about the growlers. I'm a little less excited now that I see it's a only 32 oz. growler, costs $15 up front for the growler, and can only be filled after you've bought something else at the restaurant. I'll be interested to see what the fill prices are.

In other words, you can't just walk in and buy beer to go. I can understand the requirement to sit down and have a bite or at least a drink. However, I don't understand why they went with only 32 oz. Oh well, I doubt it will stop me from grabbing a limited-release beer to go the next time I'm there. I'll just be wishing I could have bought 64 oz instead of 32. hocofood@@@

And I think I have officially dated myself by using a Jesus Jones song for the title of this post.

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