Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fare (not so well) Michael's Pub

I’m generally of the same mindset as HowChow, in that if you don’t have something nice to say about a place, don’t say anything at all. I’m changing my tune for a minute - especially since the place in question is already closed.

Michael’s Pub closed earlier this week and I say good riddance. I wish Michael’s would have been decent. It was walking/stroller distance to my house and could have been good for a casual dinner and a beer. A place we could take the kids.

It was not. It was a filthy dump surrounded by an ever expanding cloud of cigarette smoke and f-bombs. It could be counted on for requiring me cringe while the clientele smoked outside and cursed while I tried to enjoy pizza and/or Rita’s with my kids.

Michael’s may have been great once upon a time, but it was horrible by the time it closed. From what I can tell, they never cleaned their draft beer lines (let alone their restrooms). Every beer I ever had the misfortune of drinking there was stale and flat. I will not miss it. The fact that they considered smokers to be their niche says it all.

And I’m cracking up that there is now a wordpress site devoted to saving Michael’s. I think the phrase is something, something too little too late. How about instead, we focus on getting a decent restaurant into the King’s Contrivance Village Center.

So this is me hoping that the village center concept isn’t dead. It’s one of the most important pieces of Rouse’s vision. It can be what ties a neighborhood together. And King’s Contrivance has one of the better village centers.

Yes, I’m still annoyed that Harris Teeter opens to the parking lot and not to the courtyard like the rest of the stores. But at least we have the best grocery store. We also have Master Barber where Mr. Lu has been cutting my hair for close to 20 years. We have Rita’s and Greenberries. And we have a good slice of pizza and a great little beer and wine store.

Now please, give me a half-way decent restaurant. I’m not expecting Victoria, Facci, or Iron Bridge. I am expecting some place that is willing to at least put in an effort.   hocofood@@@


  1. It's funny. I never once went to Michael's when I lived in the K.C. area because the general consensus was that it was crap. This was before the HoCo blog scene erupted and before Harris Teeter moved in. People just seemed to know not to bother, and I took their advice. I was never privy to the F-bomb smoke clouds, probably because it was kept indoors back then, but as a fellow parent that would drive me nuts! I hope you get a decent brewpub in its place with a more family oriented atmosphere, at least during the daylight hours.

  2. Hi P90, Hey, if you add the term hocoblogs@@@ to any howard-county focused post you write, that term will push your content into the community section of ... which I think is pretty cool. Hope you "use us." J

  3. Whoa, even smarter ... and I almost forgot, there is the hocofood@@@ phrase -- and you used it! Thanks, and my bad.