Thursday, February 24, 2011

Open That Bottle Night

Apparently this coming Saturday is "Open That Bottle Night." This holiday is new to me, but I think I'll try celebrating. The premise is that we all have one (or more) bottles of wine in our "cellars" that we're saving for a special occasion but more likely slowly converting to vinegar. Btw, my cellar is a 20-bottle wine rack in the coolest corner of my basement...

I know I'm guilty of saving wines. The wife and I went to Napa a few years ago and we have yet to drink some of the better bottles we brought back. I hadn't really thought about how long ago the trip was until just now. My wife was pregnant (in wine country of all places) with our now two year-old. In other words, I've been "cellaring" these wines for about 3 years.

Time to drink up! So on Saturday, no matter what's for dinner, I'll be cracking open one of the remaining bottles from that trip to Napa. I dare you to do the same.  hocofood@@@

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