Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Idea for a New Reality Show

Watching the Grammy's the other night, I saw Jamie Fox. I hate Jamie Fox. I'm not sure why anyone thinks he can act, and I certainly don't understand his appeal as a singer/rapper.

I have similar feelings about many people. John Mayer? His guitar playing sounds just like any other dude who spent way too many hours learning SRV licks. Those licks were good when SRV played them (even if highly derivative of Albert King). But seriously, we don't need to hear them rehashed with 21st century Yacht Rock.

And the Black Eyes Peas. Holy crap - will someone please end this assault on good taste? Worst. Thing. To. Happen. To. Music. Ever? Give me a continuous loop of Justin Bieber please! It's better than Will.I.am and Fergie.

Oh yeah, my game show idea - we call it King for Day, King for Life. We send all of these people to an island and let them fight to the death. The winner gets to live, stays on the island and "rules the kingdom for a lifetime" but is never heard from again?

Here's my list:

Jamie Fox
Sarah Palin
Jessica Simpson
John Mayer

Some of my friends were kind enough to add some suggestions.

Michelle Bachman
Ralph Nader
Lindsay Lohan
Flo from the insurance commercials
Paris Hilton
The Kardashians
Dan Snyder's Attorneys

Feel free to add more below.

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