Thursday, December 9, 2010

P90 Noir Best of 2010

I know that many of you out there in the interwebs have been dying to hear my Best of 2010. In order to "cash in" on the anticipation, I will be announcing one track a day for the next 22 days! Of course, many of you will receive the disc with your christmas card, so that will surely blow my cover. So without further ado...

Track 1 - Laredo, by Band of Horses

I love this song. I'm not claiming that it's the best song of 2010 - it's not. But it is a great song and the opening riff is perfect for kicking off a mix cd. All of Infinite Arms (the album from which Laredo comes) is excellent. And because the whole point of my Best of 2010 is to expose my friends and family to great new music, I tell you "go buy this cd now!"

I downloaded this song as a single shortly before a trip to San Diego. So for me, it's the sound of Stone Beer, In-N-Out Burger, Fish Tacos, and the Southern California landscape. I can't promise the same experience for you, but give it a shot.


  1. Aine loves Band of Horses now, she requests it often. Thank you!

  2. Just wait until we get to track six. Without a doubt the biggest hit of the year with my girls.