Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best of 2010 Tracks 5-8

My Shepherd - New Pornographers

Greatest lyric of the year -
Closed eye stare into morning sun when the dots form into connections. If I'm honest you come to mind, but baby I'm not.

Write About Love - Belle & Sebastian

My coup of the year was convincing my daughters that this was a "kids song." "Hey girls, this band is called Belle & Sebastian! That's like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Sebastian from Little Mermaid!" Score! We now listen to B&S frequently and they call this song Tightrope Walk. Next task - convincing them that Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon are kids bands since there is a Mark Kozelek song on the Yo Gabba Gabba cd...

Trouble Comes Running - Spoon

Perfect pop music. The spaces left in Spoon's arrangements just make everything thing rock that much harder.

Twenty Miles - Deer Tick

Don't tell my wife I said this, but overall, I was disappointed with The Black Dirt Sessions as a whole. Compared to War Elephant and Born on Flag Day it's just not as great of an album. But this song, and Deer Tick's cover of John Prine's Unwed Fathers (from the John Prine tribute album) are two of the best songs of the year.

Half Light II (No Celebration) - The Arcade Fire

If their was ever a band that didn't have a sense of humor, it's Arcade Fire. I don't understand how they can take themselves so seriously, especially given the stupid outfits they wear. But they sure can write some excellent anthemic pop songs!

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