Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finally getting started?

So, it's June 2, 2010. I've been meaning to start this blog since the 1st of January. Is today the day? My plan has been to write about music, guitars, beer, wine, food, and maybe my kids. I was going to use the blog as a tool to get my "creative juices" flowing at the start of each day.

Here goes...

Music - The Arcade Fire and Spoon are coming to Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD on August 6th! This is indeed exciting. Now that I'm in my mid-30's and have kids, I just don't make it in to Baltimore or DC that often to catch the club shows. My dreams came true earlier this year when My Morning Jacket came to Merriweather. I've thought they could handle the venue since Z and it was great to finally see them (and see them there). It seems the wife and I always managed to schedule vacations around when MMJ was in the Balt/DC area.

But back to Arcade Fire. I last saw them at the 9:30 on the Funeral tour. The energy in the room and the output of the band were just amazing. The mood in the club as the band came out and played the opening chords to Wake Up is one those concert moments I will never forget. For some reason Mrs. P90 didn't go to the show and I felt almost guilty giving her the play by play the next morning. Last night, when I told her that Arcade Fire was coming to Merriweather, she mentioned that we've already pretty much blown our concert budget for the summer. Oh well, we're going to this show...

It will be great to see Spoon again as well. The last time we saw them was also at MPP. They were opening for the Shins and the sound was dreadful. Hopefully this time they will have a little more time to sound check...

And look at that, my first blog post. Here's hoping the next one won't be five months in the making!

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